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Hi All, 

I am looking to see if there are any RE agents from RI that have an unlicensed assistant working for them. I am curious to see how easy/hard this is to do and a general idea of what the process is to list someone as your assistant. I am working with an agent and want to pitch the idea of listing me as their assistant so I can personally access the MLS, but I would like to have a better understanding of the process before I mention anything. Any personal experiences with this would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks everyone!

@Michael Barbari according to my state's realtor's assoc. website, once the proper paperwork is submitted, the assistant receives an mls ID number and password. I also find a piece of legislature from my state's department of business regulation stating what an assistant can and cannot do. According to this, they cannot prepare or presents CMA's, but can compile the information, which by understanding means they need to access mls data. I could be wrong here, which is why I am looking for anyone in the state that has previous experience with this, but that is my interpretation.

@Jason King  

Gotcha. From my understanding (and this is IL) only licensed assistants have access. It might be different in RI. That would be a great perk especially being an investor.

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