Investor Friendly Agent Checklist

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I am looking to start interviewing RE Agents that are investor friendly and savvy. Are there any suggested criteria I should be looking for?

@Edward Mitchell  

-Are you a real estate investor

-What kind of investor?  buy and hold, fix and flip, etc?

I think it would help if their investing contrasts with yours.  For example if they're a fix and flip investor and you're a buy and hold investor he/she will likely come across deals that won't fit their criteria but would be great for buy and hold and if you can perform quickly and consistently you're very likely going to have those deals kicked your way.  Now they don't have to be an investor but you may find yourself educating the agent about what a good investment looks like if they're not.  Beyond this, do your typical due diligence:  google the persons name, look for reviews, try and talk with current or past clients about the agent.  Or better yet ask current investors that are happy with their agents for a referral.  

Good luck!  

I would recommend you read over the Real Estate Agent's Guide to Working with Investors(You can search for it on the site).  I know it helped me to better understand investors and how I can better serve them as a real estate agent.  You should be able to construct a good checklist of questions to pose to an agent based on how an agent should work with an investor.   Good luck!  

I am starting off wholesaling @Brett Synicky

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