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Hello. I am looking for a real estate agent in Colorado Springs. My wife and I are moving to the area and are looking for a house. We would like someone with a little experience in HUDs and other cost effective methods of purchasing homes.

Mr Littrell,

I have personally used (to relocate to COS) and can recommend, as an agent:

Mercie Curbow

[email protected]


PS: still working with her to locate more rentals

PPS: I can't vouch for her experience in HUDs, mine was a fairly conventional transaction

Kenneth - 

Carol Lyn Lucas is also fantastic. She has 26 years of Real Estate experience in Colorado Springs and knows the market like the back of her hand. Also, very clever finding ways to save her clients money. I'm not sure if she has HUD experience, but she is highly recommended.

Carol Lyn Lucas

Email: [email protected]

(719) 661 - 7707

Good luck!


Aaron Moore has been in the real estate industry for a long time and has seen many different facets and has intense knowledge in each from structural to wholesaling to buy/sell. He does an exceptional job for all his clients and would be surprised if he couldn't help you concerning HUDs.


[email protected]

He has really helped me be able to get going in all this noise

Wow, that's why I like the website. Thank you all of you for your referrals and assistance!

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