Indiana Licensing Schools

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Any recommendations for which school to use for the pre licensing class in Indiana? I'm looking for an online, at my pace course, not a classroom course.


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@Rusty Scott 

I used RECP. It cost about $600 and it took me about 7 days to complete. I read, studied, and tested at home each night. I took the course and completed my final state brokerage exam in about 3 weeks with this system and had no issues.

 Thanks Evan! I was looking at that one, RECI and REAL University, which were both a bit cheaper than RECP. Any reason you picked the one you did?

@Rusty Scott  

You can try Tucker Real Estate school. I know 4 people that went through them and have had no complaints. 

@Rusty Scott

What did you end up doing? I was looking at RECI too, but there website looks like a C average high schooler made it to pass a class. It has me worried the training will be the same, leaving me out to dry during test time. I'm looking for something online and not a classroom in indianapolis.