Can any realtors share some numbers for ads placed @ car washes / gas stations?

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I have seen some Realtors ads a few times while waiting for my car wash.... Ive also seen similar at gas station pumps. (static print ads). Can any Realtors share their experience with this? Was it worth it? How many leads did you receive? Etc.

I have always been curious about it, thanks in advance.

Waste of money.

Direct marketing and targeting of specific listings usually yields much greater results.

One 50 cent marketing piece has made me high five figures in commission.

Hah! when I first started out I knew a kid who used to put his card in the credit card slot at gas stations so they had to take it out before they can use it to pay.  Not sure if worked for him but I thought it was pretty funny.

The trick is to find a group that you have something in common with/share an interest with, market to them and make it personal, tell stories that they can relate to, go to local meet up groups but never just go to pitch, we all know who those guys are and they pitch some BS and then never show up again.

Get involved with a community that you want to work with not one that you have to settle to work for!

Spending money works if you know how to do it but our jobs as agents is to engage with people and network, pay someone who that's all they do is marketing for realtors and make sure they are vested in your success meaning you offer them bonuses versus a straight fee.


I've never advertised at a car wash or gas pump, but can it work... of course!  Does it work for the majority of Realtors... probably not.


Most Realtors (heck... most business owners) don't have a clue how to market.  They don't know how to get their message across.

If you're a top agent and you advertise at the gas pump or car wash in the town where you have for sale signs all over, then it just helps build your brand (be every where your clients are).

But... most of the ads are boring.  "Call Me To Sell Your House"  blah blah blah.

Now, if you offered something of value... Like a home seller's guide... now you may get responses from those ads.

If someone has been thinking about selling their house, and they go to get gas and see your ad offering a free home seller's guide... they're more than likely to contact you for the free guide.

If you do the boring "Call Me To Sell Your House," most people feel you're just trying to sell them and will pressure them into listing with you.

Give them a low barrier of entry.  The goal for you is to get their contact info so you can continue to follow up.

So... any ads can work, you just need to get the right message across.

Although I am not an agent. I don't think that I would choose an agent by an advertisement posted at a car wash or even a billboard. @Tyler H.   I think you would have much better success, and pay less money by setting up a pro account here on BiggerPockets and networking with locals. I would be glad to give you some ideas, if you would like. Good luck!

@Tyler H  I am sure @Joel Owens  would agree that being active on this site has been a success for him with a pro account.

Bigger Pockets has given me some of the best returns EVER.

If you get an account and do nothing with it then do not expect amazing results. You have to put a lot of time and effort in but I enjoy it anyways.

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