Is a new construction sales agent a good idea?

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I am hoping to get my broker's license soon and was looking for opinions on whether it's a good idea to start out selling new construction. To me, it seems like this would be an excellent 1-2 year crash course to learn the "nuts and bolts" of the industry for a variety of reasons. Do you think this is a good way to get started? What are the drawbacks vs. a more traditional agent? Are new construction projects likely to hire someone with no industry experience? Thanks in advance for your insightful answers!

Not sure about Indiana, but in NV if you hang your license with a developer you can't take traditional listings or buyers. This may not be the crash course you are looking for, since it really doesn't show you much about the industry. Your state may be different, so look into it.

New construction are the least likely to hire new agents.  Think about it, they are the most experienced Seller (builders).  

If I were you I would focus on representing Buyers or Sellers, and take on business that is likely to result in a closing.  

@Alex Barnett  

 Are you talking about working with a builder that has a subdivision or multiple properties? That is a great idea if you can get the job. 

As a builder and agent, I can tell you that when I first got my license the office I worked for had subdivision listings; and I used to take floor time there. It is a great way to learn about the construction aspect, financing, sales, etc. and gives you a lot of interaction with potential clients. As builder/developer/brokers that have had a subdivision, we actually hired others to work our subdivision with us. 

@Nicholas Kral  Out of curiosity, if the developer is also a broker, the agent can still take listings and sell other properties, correct? 

@Kim Knox   Most builders are busy managing their projects, and finding property for new projects, etc.they don't want to spend time selling their listings. (of course it depends on the circumstances and number of listings) 

@Karen Margrave  - If you work for a new construction project specifically (as in I am an agent for XYZ development) then it would be no, you can't do listings or whatnot. If your broker happened to be affiliated with a project without becoming the project broker then you would be able to do listings, sales, etc.

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