What commission compensation options are available for starting agents with Berkshire Hathaway

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Leaving my full time office job soon to have job flexibility and to be able to concentrate on growing my real estate business which currently consists of 10 single family home rentals. I plan to work as an agent full time under the mentors hip of a close friend. Being an experienced investor and knowledgeable about the business ; I want to give up as little comission as possible as I will require less training ; less broker supervision ; etc.

Thanks in advance :)

Are you going to Berkshire Hathaway because that's where your friend/mentor is?  If so, why not ask him or her?  I think the commission options are different by region.  One thing I would say is to not get locked into the idea of one brokerage.  You can still have a friend/mentor that works in a different office.

I second what @Chris Farrugia  said. Check out additional brokerages to make sure BH is the right one. If you are a decently hard worker, ethical, and plan on being an agent full time, the brokerages will be fighting over you. 

Here are some things to look at when selecting a brokerage.  http://realestatelicensebystate.com/how-to-select-...

In your situation, fees aren't everything.  You're going to need broker availability in the beginning.  It is great having a mentor but I've found that even the top producers rely on the broker quite a bit as things come up.  After all, your deals are the brokers deals!

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