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So I partnered up with another successful agent. I do the door knocking. He follows up and closes the listing. Everything else I am pretty much piggy backing off of him. We are going to do a partnership agreement what do you think is a fair split for myself?

@Richard Rountree

Well, if your partner would not have the listing if you didnt knock on the door to find out if they are interested, though he is experienced, I would suggest a 50/50 split.  

On the other hand, if you work for Caldwell Banker, dont they offer some type of training?  You could easily get these listings for yourself and not have to share in any profit. 

Good luck

Not entirely sure what would be "fair" in this situation if you are just doing door knocking alone. But, maybe you can try to take some of the load by handling some other things in the process (providing marketing capital, file/bookkeeping, etc.) so that you can feel good about a 50/50 split? That's if you don't already feel it's fair!

There are other things to consider too such as who pays for marketing expenses to get the property sold. You could take a lesser then 50% cut if you don't have to pay for marketing expenses or go the 50/50 route but be ready to be fair as well when it comes to expenses. Good luck with the door knocking.

I have to side with Curt on this one.  If your going to do the leg work why not just brush up on your closing skills and get paid the full comish.  

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