Got my License this past weekend!!

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I just passed the test and got my Real Estate Sales License in Massachusetts this weekend!! I put it off since last April 2014 when I took the 40 hr class and am glad I finally took the test! 

I am thinking going with Keller Williams any thoughts?

@Mike Hoefling  Congrats Mike! Nice way to start the year off. Good luck to ya on making some deals now that you have your license!

Congratulations @Mike Hoefling  !! I can't speak for Keller Williams but I'd recommend going with a brokerage that offers continuous training and support until you get your feet under you. Take your time making the decision and talk to the agents in any office where you interview, not just the recruiter or managing broker. A big question you gotta ask yourself is: why do you want to be a real estate agent? That answer will take a lot of the guesswork outta the equation. Best wishes to you on this exciting new endeavor!

You have inspired me.  I took the class since last year and have not taken the test.  I seriously cannot remember half the stuff in that course.  I think I need a weekend refresher.  Congratulations @Mike 

@Mike Hoefling  undefined

@Mike Hoefling  

  I think the brokerage you pick depends on what your goals are. One thing most Keller offices offer is the chance to get on a team.. I like this approach to those starting out as you get to have experience without climbing the mountain by yourself.

If its investment RE you want to do them look more towards a commercial brokerage .

commercial is tough nut to crack but once you do its big dollars for your entire career.

Congrats! @Mike Hoefling   U have inspired me as well.  Is this class the same for commercial as it is for residential?  Good luck with the next steps!

Congrats!  I went with RE/MAX because they pay out better for high producing agents.  If you're going to make a go of it I recommend tackling it yourself and advertising as heavily as you can until you build your client base.  Zillow and Trulia are key and though not cheap, it's like the lottery, you gotta play to win!

Why do you need a team?  You found BP - start reading here and all the sources recommend by the professionals here!

Congratulations on getting your license!  That is an accomplishment that will serve you well in real estate investing. 

Decide what you want to do as a licensee before joining any particular real estate brokerage. You can make a better choice if you know what you want and where you want to go.  Real estate is a wide open field and the opportunities are plentiful.  To coin an old phrase, "haste makes waste". 

All the best to you!

Thank you all!

My goals are to use my license to help support my real estate investing. Right now I am focused on buying multis however I am not buying them very quickly. So I figure I would use my license to sell houses part-time and use the money I make to help speed up my investing.

Congratulations Mike.  I like Keller Williams myself.  

Congrats @Mike Hoefling  

Please keep us posted on what broker you decide on and why.  I'm starting my class this week and plan to start interviewing brokers later this month. Generally, my research and discussions with various agents have been pretty positive about Keller Williams being a good place for new agents, but obviously every location and team are different. 


Congrats!  There are pros and cons to KW...  they have monthly fees but they have a great commission split, excellent educational tools and more.

Congrats!  Im in the interviewing process and have no clue where to go.  A small brokerage has my attention, but how much should a big box agency with the all important "NAME RECOGNITION" factor into my decision?

@mikehoefling I'm an agent with kw and will be happy to answer any questions you have. I have been with kw 5 years running and absolutely love it. Happy to help any way I can. 

On the Keller Williams website they say the charge no fees. ??

I wanted to update everyone, I joined KW on my lunch break this past Friday!! 

Bam!! I'm doing it!!


Congratulations!!  Here is the most important task for success as a real estate agent.  You must find some way to GENERATE LEADS.  You are not in the real estate business you are now in the lead generation business.  Your number one focus all the time is generating leads.

Find an brokerage that will help you generate leads.

Everything else is secondary to generating leads.

Good Luck

Yes I am a real estate agent and investor

Fantastic news and good luck! The one thing I always remembered from a teacher who said "Real Estate Never Sleeps" welcome to the jungle!

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