How to find and work with investors

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As a Realtor, how do I find investors to work with? What systems should I use to direct market my services to investors (especially out of town investors new to the area)? I should probably already know the answers to these questions but sometimes asking them again offers insight I missed the first go around.

I've meet 3 investor clients through BP forums. They have been some of the best resources to growing my business. Do you have keyword alerts set for your local market?

No I don't. That's a great idea! I can think of a few I'll try. Any recommendations?

I use "Altanta" and "agents" since that's my local market. Searching BP members in your area and introducing yourself works too. Don't think because a wholesaler isn't a buyer there's no win win to negotiate. They need CMAs. If their seller wants retail value, you're that go to agent to pick up the listing

Bigger Pockets is a great source to meet real estate investors. My company regularly does deals with investors we have met on this site.

The key is to stay active and provide valuable insight about the things you have expertise in.

REIAs and BiggerPockets are great resources.  Another option might be to target owners who are renting out properties themselves - zillow and craigslist would be good sources.  

@Anthony Ogletree Try posting on Craigslist as well under Real Estate and Services and let investors know you are a real estate agent and your looking for investors to work with.  Most Agents Do Not enjoy working with investors so if you let people know that your willing to do that it should bring you several good leads. and find local groups. Even just groups for topics or hobbies you are interested in but also investment/business groups.

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