Looking for an investor friendly brokers/Agents In South Carolina And Charlotte NC

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I'm looking to connect with agents and brokers that work with investors.

@Theron W.  

If you have cash, and can make a 10 minute decision on a buy, and can follow thru, then all agents are investor friendly.

@Theron W. 

Be happy to help, Our agency covers most of the state and we are more then investor friendly. Our Main company is also a lrg investment firm that works directly with 41 banks for REO's.

315 398 1006

Hey Theron,

I'm Troy and have been working with investors in real estate for 18 months now. I work with Providence Management & Investments and we specialize in facilitating the growth of others' real estate portfolios as well as our own. Between investors and our own company, we flip about 25 properties per year and facilitate the purchase of around 20 buy and hold homes. We are a one-stop-shop providing property sourcing, general contracting work, and sales of the property or property management. Let me know if I can help you out in any of the abovementioned ways! 

[email protected]
www.YouTube.com/ProvidenceMGMT to check out some of our flips! 

I am an agent at Meybohm Realtors in the Aiken, SC and Augusta, GA market.  Please feel free to contact me if I can be of service.

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