Experience being Part time real estate agent?

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Anyone here a part time real estate agent meaning maintaining a full time job (outside of real estate) and also being an agent as a side business. How has your experience been? Has it been a successful venture? 

I do RE full time but started out part time. I believe anyone looking for a career as an agent should start out part time.

The failure rate is high, things move slowly at 1st & you will need to eat as well as invest in marketing. 

Thanks for reply. I am curious to know the experiences of people who only have done it part time and stayed part time. 

@Peter Fokas  Great topic! I plan doing exactly that, RE classes in the fall through March of next year, than RE part time. I know several agents that have been doing it part time for years. If you can afford it I am told that is the way to go. It helps you build your business, name and reputation without having to depend on the full time income. I want to combine being a part time agent with investing so I can eventually transition out of corporate america. Its a long term plan but it's still a plan.

I say you go for it!

@Peter Fokas  I am currently in the process of doing this. I am a high school teacher and am out of school by 2 everyday. I have 2 weeks left in my RE classes, need to pass the test and find a broker to work for. (Which is harder than I thought with so many choices, not sure which one to pick from)  I know of at least 3 other teachers who say if they could go back and become an agent a lot earlier in their teaching careers they would have. 

Also the information I have learned so far in my RE class has been detrimental on the way I look at REI. So for the $300 bucks I paid for the course, the learning I have recieved from the class would be extremely beneficial even if I never pursued being an agent. (My instructor was an investor and agent for over 30 years, so his personal stories are eye opening in a great way)

I've managed a large team of agents for many years, and I can't say that I've seen many part time agents succeed.  I concur with James that starting out part time is advised, and almost necessary (unless you don't have another job).  The failure rate for real estate agents is astonishingly high, and many people who jump into the business simply aren't cut out for it.  Feel free to reach out with any other questions you have.  I run the New England region for a national company as my day job, so I'm happy to assist in any way that I can.

Thanks for the replies but none of you fit the profile I was seeking answers from. I was looking for an answer from someone who has already been doing part time and been succeeding at it. Anybody actually know anyone who has successfully done this? 

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