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What questions should you ask a potential realtor you want to work with for deals?

I would explain what you are looking for and ask them why they think they would be a good choice to provide it.

I'd ask about if they've worked with investors before and if possible, find out how those deals went.  Finding a home for a couple looking to settle down, and finding an income property are two very skill-sets, and while some Reatlors have both, many might not and could be showing you properties that are wasting both of your times.  

Some basic questions you might want to ask in addition to that though include how many transactions they've done, what kind of experience they've had (if any) with working with investors, ask them about how comfortable they are submitting low-ball offers on properties, what services they'll provide for you, etc.  

Hope this helps :)

To add my two cents.... I'd ask them if they own any investment properties in the area. I think that's very helpful, since that can help to target neighborhoods within a city that might work better for an investor. Especially true for someone like myself who only invests out of state. Having a realtor tell me to focus on specific neighborhoods (and why) is invaluable. I'm always on the lookout for realtors with this type of expertise!


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