Newly Licensed - So Excited!

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Totally squealing in delight here. (Sorry if I am piercing your ears.) Took my California Salesperson test and passed! Incredibly excited and anxious to get started. Can't wait to have MLS access to help my company and other investors find deals! Woot woot.

@Christine Lovett  Congratulations to you! Isn't it an awesome feeling knowing all the countless hours of studying and exam cram sessions finally paid off?

Keep the momentum going. All too often I see people who pass the exam and think they've made it when that's exactly the opposite of the truth. This is where the rubber meets the road and things start getting really good. Best wishes to you in your future endeavors and congrats again!

Was that you?!  My ears are still ringing... haha

Congratulations on getting your real estate license!

Now get out there and make things happen!

Thanks guys. Sure do appreciate the support.

Congrats! It's a great skill to have as an investor.

@Christine Lovett  What is the plan to utilize your license?  As an agent, 95% of my closings are repeat investors (average of 2 deals per year each), but these investors only make up 25% of my active clients.  You need to focus your attention on what will get you paid. IMO, first time homebuyers take up the most amount of time for the least return, and majority of agents are battling for this market.  I focus on fewer clients who I know can and will close.  I go above and beyond by creating investment reports using the BP calculators (PRO Member Benefit) for all of my clients.  I want them to be successful, so they will continue to work with me as they grow their businesses.  Another important decision I made was to focus on clients that have different investing objectives, so there is not a conflict of interest.  In other words, I don't want my clients battling over the same types of properties in the same areas.  Best of luck and feel free to reach out with questions.


Congrats @Christine Lovett  ! I'm waiting for my test date to get my TX license, so I hope to be joining you in the squealing soon. I was a realtor in Calif for four years many years ago-most markets are great. All the best.

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