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We're moving to Ft Worth this summer and looking for an agent to assist in primary home search. Still researching specific areas, but want a manageable commute to JRB Ft Worth and great schools is a must.


Hi @Jesse O.  

I'm licensed in DFW. I'd be happy to assist you with your home search. PM me with your criteria. Talk Soon.

Hi Jesse

Based on the location of the base, I would look into the Eagle Mountain ISD.  It is about 15 to 20 minutes away and on the west side of I35, which is not constrained by street construction.   Lake Worth ISD  is another one to look into... Keller ISD is another good one, but it is on the east side of I35 so your commute will be a bit more difficult.    

Castleberry ISD is the closest to the base, but it has a mixed record.   You could also look into White Settlement ISD, which makes up the west side of Fort Worth, a booming area at the moment.   

The good news is that these areas all have a wide variety of housing options that fit about all your various budgets.   Even with low inventory here in DFW, I don't see you having too much difficulty finding a home,  You will just need to be a little patient and expect to be in multi-bid situations.  

I hope this helps.  

Depending on your exact timing and situation, we are looking to sell our current home with owner financing probably the latter half of this summer.  It's a 3/2/2 2216 sq. ft. planning to list it for $200k with minimum of 10% down in Eagle Mountain/Saginaw ISD about 12 minutes from the base.  Great neighborhood with easy access to pretty much everything but a Hooter's and a Fry's, you are going to have to drive a ways for either of those, especially Fry's.  

I highly recommend the EMS ISD if you have or plan to have kids.  We have one here in 3rd grade now and it is a really awesome school system.  Keller is a great ISD also, but you will have more traffic issues and it will be more like 20 to 30 minutes to the base depending on where you live exactly and the traffic.  White Settlement is not nearly as strong in terms of public schools but it does offer a LOT more low end options for housing and would be less than 5 minutes to the base.

Feel free to shoot me a line and ask anything about the area.  We have lived in our current house up here for 10 years now so we know the area really, really well.

@Jesse O.  Avoid Castleberry ISD, it is primarily in city, the smallest district in the state, and limited resources for children activities outside the High school. I would recommend Aledo or Eagle Mountain-Saginaw; if you can find decent priced homes, Aledo would be the better choice. 

I have three children in Castleberry, and the district drives me nuts! Example, the class of 2015 parents association consist of about 15 members, in a school with 160 seniors (about 10%). In contrast, Aledo's parent association has about 50% involvement. Also, academically Aledo is better. They still teach cursive handwriting in second grade; while Castleberry waits until the end of the third grade (if the teacher gets to it). The dropout rate at Castleberry is over 10%. The reason it's not higher, is because of its alternative program that allows student to go to alternative school on their schedule and graduate with a GED. 

In my opinion I feel Aledo is on the same level or better than Keller, and it closer to the base, with less traffic. There is also the private school route, in which case, it doesn't matter where you live, and Westworth Village is right outside the base, with some really nice areas (FW ISD or Castleberry ISD). Lake Worth, is a nice area as well. It has similar problems with its schools as Castleberry. Parts of Lake Worth feed into EMS ISD.

Also, with timing, my friend will be putting their home on the market in the next month or two. Approximately $140K no owner finance. It's also in EMS ISD, 3/2/2 1800 Sq Ft. Built in 2007. 

Thank you for the info @Richard D.  and @Scott Nipp  .  We are specifically looking for a 4/2, so those won't be of interest for us.  As far as timing goes, we are looking to close by the second week of July.

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