Just passed the CA RE Exam

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I just passed the California Real Estate Salesperson Exam in Fresno. I can tell you right now...there was absolutely no math on this test.

I feel pretty good right now and excited to get started.

@Richard A.  Congrats on passing the exam.  Step 1 complete.  What type of real estate investing are you looking to get into?

Congrats @Richard A.  that's a huge accomplishment. Now it's time to put the rubber to road and start building your business!

Congratulations, Richard!

What's your next step?!


Congratulations Richard! I am also looking to take the test here shortly. What did you do to prepare for the test? Also, what would you suggest to focus your studying on. Thanks!

Howdy Kirk,

I have to tell you....I think the biggest help for my to pass this test was watching videos on youtube. Really.

There was a channel in particular that made all the difference. It was the old Allied exam training...it was very much still relevant.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQom2_ftsJOUFpmNe...

Then also there is NationwideUSA that helped immensely. there is lots of modules there...but it works very well.


I hope that helps...Good Luck!!

Congratulations to you! 

I'm scheduled for the end of the month and actually just took a study break.  I paid for a "crammer type" course but it's ill-written.  I had my license several years ago but I let it expire but I had different study material....that material was a lot better.  Thanks for the youtube links.  I'm going to check them out now.

Which (geographic) areas and types of properties are you investing in? 

fyi...the first link (exam cram) has been removed from youtube.  There was a message on youtube referencing copyright infringement.  Oh well, hopefully Nationwide has enough info to help me through.

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