San Diego Investor Friendly Agent needed ASAP

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  I'm reaching out looking for a good reference for a reliable Agent with a proven track record in sales for the San Diego Area.  Needs to have extensive knowledge of the area.  We have some immediate work that needs to be done, mainly providing comps and giving general market information on properties we plan on acquiring in the very near future (next week).  We will of course be listing any and all properties we get with the agent.  Exit will be to be in and out of the properties in 3 months or less.  Most of our research has been done, but just need verification and someone with local market expertise to bounce data off of.  If you are an interested Agent who can help, or if you have a recommendation for one please email me directly at [email protected]    Thanks!

@Wenecio Godfrey

 Call Steve Cazel. He has worked some of the big guys in San Diego closing lots of deals. High energy and always seems to generate tons of offers.

Steve Cazel



    Thank you. Appreciate the reference!

Sent you an email!

@Wenecio Godfrey

Diane Oliver

(504) 669-0160

Raises her hand every month at the SDCIA meeting in front of 100's of new investors as a Investors real estate agent. I have not used her personally.

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