1st two days of Broker Prelicensing just completed.

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Hello all. I'm still relatively new to real estate and real estate investing. I was looking to be a wholesaler when I found this site last year, but my job helped me to decide to become an agent. I just completed the 1st two days of class this past weekend and I am very glad that I made the decision to go. I look forward to becoming an agent and aceiving all the goals that I have for myself. Any advice is welcomed. Thanks

Good luck Chris! I just finished the NC course this month (did weekends too) and learned a ton of good information!


Thanks @Pat S. Yes it is a ton of information. I'm sitting here now making note cards. Do you have any study tips that might help me retain all this info? Have you taken the state exam yet?

Good choice Chris and Good Luck.  I'm actually your homegirl.  When I transferred my license from MS to DC, I used the website www.nightbeforetheexam.com and I liked it.  I prefer online testing/study guides.

Based on what I did, read the material before class so that it's easier to highlight and take notes, study often, memorize the terms (which it sounds like you are working on with note cards) and make sure when you do the review questions, that you understand why the wrong answers are wrong and not just why the right answer is right.  I studied every week, and then dedicated several full day sessions before the end of course exam and the state exam.  Remember too that the state exam is administered by AMP, and they have review questions (for an additional fee) which may help you prepare for that exam.

Hope that helps! Best of luck to you!

Thanks @Sonya Stovall I'll check out that site. I'm online a lot so that will be a big help. Are you from Rocky Mount as well? If so this would be the 1st time I've me someone from rocky mount on here.

@Pat S. s. Thanks. Good advice. I plan to pass it on the 1st try.

@Chris Purvis Yes I am, RMSH Gryphon.  Tons of family still there. 

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