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Hello first time poster here on bigger pockets and I don't have enough time to search the 2000+ existing threads on here so apologies. I wanted to do some sort of car advertising either magnets or sticker decals has anyone had any experience with this?

Which phrase have you used on your car advertising that drives calls? What ads have you had success with? Looking for specific phrases that have derived business in the past, for example, "Ask me a real estate question!" Or "How much is your home worth?" Appreciate any help.

Hey @Brennan Doherty

Believe me the search function is pretty easy, and if you skip using it regularly, be prepared for some rather snarky commentary on why you should use it.

That being said, I assure you I found these threads using the search in less time than it took you to write your post, just dump in Car Advertising or Mobile Advertising. Heck one of them even asks for feedback on design. I think you'll find them helpful


@Brennan Doherty

welcome to the site.

The best method is to tell people what you do in the least amount of words. 

Do you want to buy houses? "I BUY HOUSES 555-5555"

Do you do property management? "Property Management 555-5555"

Assuming you post a website on your car magnet, get a free URL shortner.

I own an insurance agency (i'm branching out) and my car magnets have is the site you go to, then put in your site address (mine is

Add the suffix of your choice (like my 714) and you're set.

The service is free.

Face it: is a lot easier to remember than, right?   


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