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Hey everybody,

So I finally took action and ordered my materials to start working towards my real estate salesperson license, and I wanted to get some advice on how to best study for it. 

I'm prepared to read all three books cover to cover, but just wanted to ask those who have have their license what worked for them and/or if there's a more efficient way to absorb the most pertinent material. Thanks everyone!

Once completing the require course hours just start taking practice exam after practice exam. After each exam study the questions you got wrong and if need be review that chapters key points. I also watch/listen to any YouTube video available  on real estate exam while at work. I am in Florida & I found a app in the Istore that provided Florida real estate exam review questions. And those days I didn't carry my my book or while waiting on line at grocery store or a passenger in car I just took practice exams on my phone again reviewing ones I got wrong. App was great cause it explained the right answer. Also found some questions for both sources on my state exam. Key is learn to take the test! 

Hey Andrew congrats on taking the first action step toward getting licensed! 

For me personally, it was a huge help to take the pre-licensing course in-person in a classroom setting. Being able to bounce questions off of the teacher as well as networking with classmates was invaluable. If you're planning on doing everything online, I'd recommend you consider taking an exam cram course in a classroom setting at the least and also try to take that cram course the day before you take the exam. 

As for studying, I spent most of my time focusing on the sections that had the most amount of questions. I'm not sure about CA, but in FL and NC the real estate commission's website had a break down of the exam questions including the topic and how many questions were on the exam for that topic. Note cards were, for me, the biggest help with the things I had difficulty remembering. Best wishes to you with getting your license and if you ever have anything you want to bounce off of a fellow agent on the other side of the country I'm your guy!

P.S. Laguna is absolutely beautiful. I lived in Costa Mesa for a brief period and would regularly drive there just to hang out.

Online classes are nice because you can schedule your learning around your life instead of the other way around. I didn't do the in person cram so I can't say much about it either way. I can say that I didn't need to cram really. I did just a few practice tests after finishing my course, and passed with no issues. Note that I am a good test taker, so what worked for me might not work for you. I took Rockwell Institute's online course. I do recommend it, but there are plenty of other courses that are good. People bring up Kaplan on BP a lot.

Thanks everyone for the feedback so far. I'm doing mine through at the recommendation of another BP member. It's online but I did opt to do the in-person "cram session" as well. I downloaded a few apps that I'm sure I'll be using too. Are there any in particular I should check out? 

I took the in-person classes.  Lots of studying there.

Then, studied for the exam... failed both the State and National.  Went back and studied more.  Then passed both State and National.

Just read the books, take notes and hope for the best.

the online course that I used had a pre-test prep class and offered a 1000 question practice exam. I felt it really prepared me for the exam.

i took a practice test till I was consistently passing( 3 times ) and signed up. 

i am studying it online. some course from missouri. 

i am 11% in and the chapter quizzes are hard/tricky. i heard the actual test is much easier. 

I took an online class which was perfect for my busy schedule.  then, to get ready for the test I took as many practice tests as I could get my hands on.  I took them over and over again and kept track of what I was getting wrong.  The questions that I got wrong I would go back and read the section to understand the concepts.  Understanding the concept is the most important thing because the questions that you see on the test are defiantly going to be different from what you have gotten used to seeing.  Also, make sure you don't neglect your STATE portion.  There are a lot of tiny differences between the state and the national that can trip you up.  It's harder to find state practice tests as well.

This is great info. I am looking for a good online course. Any recommendations? I like in-person classes but they take 3+ months to complete in my area. Need to fast track it. Thanks

Lots of great suggestions so far. I second the idea of listening to YouTube videos in your free time. I saturated myself with them while I was running errands, and feel it was a great use of time to cement my knowledge. Best of luck!

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