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Hi all,

Looking to hit the ground running after being recently licensed.  I have read a few older reviews on here regarding RexX/LandVoice/etc.  but none seem to be too recent.  Anyone recently use one of these tools?  Even better if it was used in the NYC area.  Thanks!

Landvoice is terrible. They charged me $1,499 when I attempted to call in and cancel. They charged my card on a Sunday and interestingly aren't open on Saturday or Sunday. Also their contracts explicitly states on the SIGNING LINE:

"By accepting the terms set forth and by signing below, I authorize Landvoice to charge my credit card for one (1) payment of $--" They like to refer to the prior text of renewal dates- BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT THE SIGNING LINE STATES!

I called them early Monday morning and could only get a sales guy since the customer service people weren't there yet. I asked him to cancel my service and provide a refund. His response was "That's not going to happen". (!!??)

I asked them to cancel my contract by phone and chat box on their site. Thankfully Chase Bank refunded my money but there is a dispute between Chase and LV now. I am in the largest producing real estate office in Indianapolis and I regularly train new agents including all the ones that go to BOLD. You can bet I will be telling all 230 agents in our office about Landvoice.

I do not get an explicit refund from Landvoice soon - I will start my own social media blitz on Landvoice starting with our internal KW FB page.

Terrible company - terrible service -- arrogant people. NOT customer focused and HIGHLY UNETHICAL.

Good thing I read your article. I was going to sign up for landvoice. I was going to use it for FSBOs.

Thanks to you this will save me lots of headaches.

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