Investor Friendly Realtor Cleveland, Ohio

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Looking for a investor friendly realtor to help us find properties in the Cleveland area...

Go to your local REIA club and find an agent who deals with investors. Make sure that the agent invests himself/herself. Cleveland has a trong REIA club, but sadly I dont know the gu who runs it or I would make that connection for you.


I probably should have mentioned I live in New Zealand so unfortunately attending a local REIA club is not really an option.

Hi Stacey, 

I am in the Cleveland area and also have a real estate group..... but ya probably don't wanna make the trip, LOL!

The houses are everywhere, what really matters to you being so far away is management. 

That will make or break your investment experience here in the states! I do not manage the turn key homes I sell, I pass the management to Angelo Russo, Esq. Having an attorney owned management company helps a lot with everything. Plus he uses a TON of my connections to get repairs done cheap so you can actually keep your ROI!

Good Luck!!!


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