Real estate licensee and MRIS access

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I am an investor and my wife is looking forward to get a Real Estate license. We both are interested in MRIS access. If I am correct after she passes her state exam she has to join a broker to get the MRIS access?. We live in MD.

Can someone please suggests any tips...Thanks

I assume MRIS is your local/state MLS? I've never heard of it.

Assuming it is ~ Likely yes. We have to pay for access to our local MLS, but you must be licensed and have a principle broker.

Hope that helps!  My wife was a licensed agent for a couple years.  She got tired of doing all my dirty work (multiple offers, constant searching, etc...)  She eventually retired her license and I just recently got licensed myself!   Good luck! :)

Thanks Steve for the reply. That is correct. I meant MLS. Now since you have the license, have you joined any broker and roughly how much is the fee for MLS access..Thanks

@Amir Saeed Yes you will have to pay for the MRIS access.  For the first time, your yearly membership fee is $750, then you pay about $165 per quarter.  After your 1st year, the $750 becomes $550 and the quarterly fees remain the same. You may or may not have to pay broker fees depending on the type of brokerage you join.  Good luck!