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I'm curious as to what others do during listing appointments. Best practices. Do you go with the power point presentations? What do you do that you think helps get the listing?

@Sean White

Great question Sean.  We use the listing presentation as a tool to set expectations and to expel myths about the real estate market.  We also find out their "hot buttons" and talk specifically about those. 

We have a small book that we created that goes along with our listing presentation, and preempts a lot of the sellers' concerns and objections not only in the listing presentation itself but for the process.  We leave the listing presentation with a seller that has proper expectations for the market and is primed to listen when the market speaks if we need to do a price adjustment. 

Probably the most important thing to do is find out what's important to the seller, and communicate that you are the best fit to help them accomplish what's most important to them.

I go with both power point on i pad and printed.  Depending on client what they relate too.

Basic comps and things that you will do to market and sell there property.

Tips to sell home faster.

Market time and explain current conditions.

Real Estate Rescue Team

Gerard Du Melle

I work mostly with expired listings, so I don't really do a listing presentation, per se.  I ask a lot of questions as to their motivation and experiences.  We talk about their house and their expectations for me.  I do have a listing packet that I leave that has FAQs, and other marketing items.  

As soon as the seller's would invite us in we'd ask for them to show us around.  And then it's all questions-Questions-QUESTIONS.

Talk about their house.  When did they replace the carpeting.  How old is the HVAC.  How about the windows, roof, etc. (we had a property information booklet we'd fill out as they answer out questions).

We'd give tips on what they should clean/repaint/change/update/etc.  Never used a power point or electronic device.  Good 'ole fashioned pen and paper.

We'd also give them a little packet with testimonials, listing papers (so they can read through and ask any questions), and other information on the sale process.

By the time we went through the sellers house they were asking us how soon we could get their house on the market.  Cha-ching

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