Investor Friendly for North Sacramento

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Hi, I'm looking for an Investor friendly agent in the North Sacramento area. If you invest, even better. I've used my equity line (with my parents equity line) in he past to build a house while working full time (brutal). Now we would like to do the same to invest. I also have an IRA and an HSA and would like to discuss how they could be used to invest in RE. I don't want to be sent to an agents website and forgotten with the occasional market analysis. I want someone who can present deals that have the possibility of cash flow so we can analyze them and determine if they will be a win win for everyone involved. I am a draftsman with over 20 years experience in commercial & residential Architecture. I know architects, engineers, and contractors and will use them if needed. Thx

How's it going? What kind of deals are you looking for? Off MLS or on MLS properties? I'm currently working with a few investors and am always looking to expand my investor pool.

Kyle Groves at JK Groves RE. Give him your criteria and he will let you know if it is out there or if you are chasing unicorns with unrealistic expectations. As you know, things have really heated up in Sac.

Derek, single family possibly duplex on or off MLS, numbers need to work. I'm thinking something beat up that can't get conventional financing, needs hvac, etc. Joe , yep I'm feelin the heat, correct me if I'm wrong, it already doesn't look like cosmetic fixers pencil out. So, I'd like to use some sweat equity (while I still can), and a HELOC to get something that can. Thx


Just wanted to say thanks for referral to Kyle.  He did give me a little reality check.  Planning to meet soon.  Thanks.

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