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Hi guys, I'm happy to announce that im officially a full time real estate agent. I completed the pre-licensing course in April and passed the NC broker exam the beginning of May. I recently decided to hang my license at Helen Adams Realty, a well known family firm here in Charlotte, NC!

After wholesaling for extra income for 2 years I decided to leave my mortgage career and take on real estate sales full time. I'm very excited and ready to jump in full force. 

Any advice, besides the obvious, for a new agent would be greatly appreciated. Also, my company has a great relocation department so referrals are always welcomed!

Congrats @Qulia Bryant ! Have you identified areas you want to specialize in and how you are going to develop leads? Those would be my two biggest things...and prepare for all the sales people about to try and separate you from you money. :) Not that that is bad either-there are lots of next best things and must haves coming your way though.

Good luck!

Congratulations!  The wholesaling has taught you how to lead gen, so you are a step up there.  What types of real estate sales do you plan on working on?  Investment, Residential?  Good luck and keep us updated on your experiences.

@Jeff Valentino I havent identified any specific areas because I dont want to limit myself just yet. As a new agent Im ready to jump out there and get some contracts regardless of the location. I may be in over my head but thats life! I would like to focus on first time home buyers, luxury properties, and investment deals. Any of these could easily be in any location and any demographic. I have a few marketing campaigns to generate leads. After about 6 months I will determine which are the most effective and focus on those campaigns. 

@JOAN DICKIE I guess that answers your questions as well.

Thanks for the feedback!!


just like wholesaling

market, market, market.

Originally posted by @Mike Gallagher :


just like wholesaling

market, market, market.

 Thanks Mike!

Congratulations, Qulia!

Here's a tip:  When on listing appointments be sure to talk less about you and your company and more about the seller and their needs!

When the seller invites you into their house, instead of going write at the table to do your "presentation," ask for them to show you around.  Start asking questions.  How old are the windows?  When did you do this?  When did you do that?  etc.

Then, make suggestions if you see something that needs to be improved.  If something looks dirty don't be afraid to tell them they need to clean up.  They'll see you're really trying to help them... and that you're not some pushy salesperson just trying to get another listing.

Originally posted by @James Wise :

@Qulia Bryant

Congrats on passing the Exam!

Good luck.

 Thanks James, it was tough and took lots of patience. Well worth it in the end though.

@David Hunter thanks for the great advice. i'm sure that'll help me stand apart from the agents who are just mls posters. I can imagine that the days on the market are fewer if your honest with your client about what they need to change, which is very valuable! 

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