What did you use to pass the exam? (TX)

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I am taking my license in a few weeks (Texas) and wanted to get some feedback on what the best 'exam prep' would be. I have used Champions School of Real Estate for my courses and they gave us an exam prep book for National and State but it's not as detailed as I think it should be to help me pass.

What did you use to prepare for the exam?

They have great reviews as well as prep courses so you should have everything you need.  :-)

I got CDs, flash cards, and 2 practice exams from the school I went through. I paid about 65 bucks.  Passing the exam was a cinch, even though I procrastinated a ton. I would drive around listening to the practice CDs, and had a friend quiz me with the flash cards the day I took my exam (crammed.) The practice exams I hadn't done so well on. I didn't think I was going to pass, but I did and was finished in less than 2 hours

The best prep is to "STUDY."

Common sense and some understanding of the laws and intended logic behind them.  It really is quite easy and has little to do with intelligence.  I know people that needed 3 tries to pass it yet are jighly intelligent people with great success as realtors.  I only needed a little over 30 minutes to pass it but have always been good at tests.

When it comes to tests....especially government mandated tests....the trick is to pick the correct answer, not the right answer if you know what I mean.  This is one of those times where you leave logic and common sense behind and instead focus on what they want you to say.

The practice tests are intentionally harder than the real deal.  You will be fine.  Most likely, you are your own worst enemy.

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