Real estate license when moving out of state

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I currently reside out of the country but intend on getting my RE license once I come back.  My employer moves my family and I around every few years. If I get licensed in let's say state A then later move to state B, would I need to repeat all of the schooling and other initial start up tasks? Or would I be allowed to take the RE license test in state B with a waiver due to the time I was already licensed?

@Brian Ky it depends.  Each state has it's own reciprocity rules.  I was originally licensed in MS, then moved to Maryland.  My MS License easily transferred to DC.  All I had to do was pass the DC Law portion of their test and take an additional Fair Housing class.  If I wanted to transfer that same MS license to MD, I had to take the National RE exam all over again, plus the MD State Law and additional Fair Housing classes.  So I opted to get the DC license first.  I plan to get the MD licesne this year.

If you do decide to get a RE license, here is an aspect to think about. My friend moved to another state after working in Wisconsin for a long time.  She inactivated her license, but still gives referrals to other agents in WI.  She's allowed to collect referral fees without paying fees to a broker.  Minnesota allows referral fees also, however, it is a little more complicated.  This is an aspect you might want to consider if you develop a lot of contacts before you move.

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