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I am a licensed agent that has been working as a property manager in Salt Lake and Park City for the last seven years.  I need to find a broker to hang my license with, I prefer a broker that has some investing experience, has fair splits, and is helpful to their agents.  I am in Sandy area and looking to get back in to sales, this would have to be part time, at first. Does anyone know of a great brokerage in the area?

I'm at Stonebrook which is at about 6400 S and 2000 E. Its a relatively small brokerage but the split is fantastic for part timers, its only $531 per transaction. The staff has always been quick to respond to emails and questions and they are willing to help you out.

The downside is that you are on your own for everything. They don't really have many classes or team activities that a broker like Keller Williams would have. 

If you want their contact info, let me know.

@Quinton Thanks for the information. I was told that RealtyPath is a great way to go. They charge $500.00 per transaction and it there is a CAP at $2,500. They also do help with training, signs, CE Classes, etc. I'm gong to call them today but you might want to check them out, as well. They have offices all over the valley.

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