Need a template for Agent/Investor disclosure

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Hi All, 

I'm an agent for Taylor properties and i've searched both their disclosure datebase and the Howard County MD Realtor association forms and have not found anything that seems to work in my mind.  

Could anyone share a blank disclosure that they use to inform sellers that they are an Agent that is not working as an Agent in the matter.  Any directions/ideas


David Kosiorek

[email protected]

In the past when mailing directly to sellers I would put the following at the bottom of the letter I was sending.

"I am a licensed real estate agent in the State of _, this is not an attempt to solicit real estate agent services"

I would ask your broker what they would prefer as every state is different and in some states you have to provide your salesperson number on all advertisements. If your broker doesn't know you could try reaching out to your states real estate commission, they'll tell you. 

@Lisa Kohl - I like that disclosure. Does your broker require that you use it in your REI marketing?

@David Kosiorek - I've often thought of using a disclosure myself. We have to use one as agents anytime we meet someone in person for the first time ... why not use one disclosing your intent as a buyer, right? 

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