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Toledo is in need of an excellent, honest management company for investors who have low to medium income housing.  There was one, but the owner passed away and the company was sold.  I have tried several since I have many properties in the Toledo area.  The latest was FLEX Realty, which was a disaster--Jim Moody, the owner, is under 29 Federal indictments, including money laundering, so I had to sue him (even after the judge ruled in my favor, Moody refused to pay, so we had to garnish his bank account).  I have tried others, but when they churn tenants and I lose months of income, I get rather upset.  Consequently, I have been selling my investments--good, solid, profitable residential units--and have begun purchasing in another state. And it is not just me; I have several friends who own multiple properties and they have begun selling as well since they also cannot find a good manager.

 Even with the city adding "inspections"--and fees--on rental units, Toledo has great potential for investors IF you have a good management company, or want to do it yourself.  I have done it for decades; I have property in four states and have no problems other than Toledo.  Maybe there is a company here about which I do not know.  If anyone has information, please post.  But I get very anxious about managers with only one or two years experience; I interviewed one who, even with a real estate license, did not know what a second mortgage was;  I even ran into one who was not licensed, and did not know it was required.  And, of course, there is FLEX REALTY.  Very frustrating and time consuming.  If I was younger, I would start a company myself.  But a good, solid professional manager is tough to find here in Toledo.  I would love to keep my properties due to the cash flow, but am tired of doing it myself or hiring a manager to lose my money.  Time to move on.

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I am looking for an real estate agent in Toledo, OH to help me move deals any suggestion.

Not sure if you're still looking as your post is over a year old but we recently launched our new and very unique brokerage in Toledo.

We have realtors on board and also offer PM.

Feel free to PM me, I'd love to help.

Much success

Not sure if you're still looking for an agent in the Toledo area, but I am a licensed Realtor for Ohio and Michigan.  I'm new to this community, hence the very late response...

And Douglas, you're absolutely right, still no great options for a property management company.  I think because of the liability involved, very few people have interest in it.  

Feel free to reach out to me if you're still in need.  All the best!