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So I currently hold a full time job and am debating pursuing a RE license. I believe that having a license will allow me to act quicker on deals within my market. Also, showing myself houses will be a huge benefit without having to use an agent to fit their schedule. This will also benefit when having GC's and contractors give rehab estimates. Personally I am very analytical and like having a lot of information at my fingertips and feel that access to MLS comps will be very beneficial.

A couple of questions:

1.  Does anyone have experience having a license while holding a full time job?

2. Is there any consensus on what is the best type of broker for part-time agents?  I do not plan on doing many deals as I am holding the license for my own deals.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks

Hey Joe,

I currently work full time and do real estate part time. It's doable just depends on how much work you are willing to put in. Start talking to brokers see what their expectations are and what fees they are going to charge you on top of your mild fees. Down the line you might want to see if it would be advantageous to get broker license. Hope it helps and good luck.

I started part time which allowed me to ramp up my business-you just need to be organized.

Talk to brokers. It sounds like in your situation you would want to look for lower monthly fees. Be upfront with them and see where there's a fit.

Good luck!

thanks for the support, I'm going to go for it.

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