Do you still use voicemail? Do you think there's a better alternative?

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Hi Estate Agents

I'm an app developer, exploring pain points around phone usage within the real estate industry. Do you think voicemail is the optimal solution to a missed call?

Alternative solutions solutions I can think of...

- presenting caller with option to see your current location you are when you can't take the call

- an automated service that lets callers browse for gaps in your online calendar to schedule a viewing

Are you satisfied with the current solutions around voicemail and missed calls?



Yeah I am happy with current options. None it those examples you gave sounds interesting. Not sure what good it would do to let them know where I am at.

Thanks Jeremy - that's good to know

I am currently content with voicemail but I don't get them all that often unless it's from a doctor's office or maybe the dentist confirming an appointment. It seems these days if I don't answer my phone I end up receiving a text message or email promptly after as opposed to a voicemail. Most the time if it’s business related the conversation is over email anyways. I prefer to not spend too much time on the phone if at all possible. Much easier to send a quick email while I’m working or busy chasing my two crazy boys around the house instead of find a quiet place to hide and talk on the phone. I’m sure not everyone feels that way though.

I definitely wouldn't want them knowing where I'm at, at any given time either.

agree with not letting them know where I'm at, not sure how that's beneficial.  The calendar for scheduling a showing could work for a listing agent or a PM?  I wouldn't use it at this point.  I like the creative thinking though, keep it up! 

As far as phone apps go for making calls. One thing I looked for in the past but could never find is a way to make calls from my cell phone and have the caller id show up as my office number. I don't like giving out my cell phone number because most people start using and most don't respect my time and call after hours.

Jeremy are you referring to something such as google voice? You get a seperate phone number that is linked to one (or multiple) other phone numbers so you don't have to give out your personal number. You can have the app on your phone and make/recieve calls from it, send text messages, block numbers, etc.. just like a normal phone but it will show as the google voice number not your personal number. I use it and love it.

Yep, Google Voice is what you're looking for in that situation

I responded to your post on

I hate all apps that show people's locations.  Worst thing EVER invented.

One, it tells people you're not home.

Two, what if there's a creeper who wants to kill you or rape you?  You really want them knowing you're going to be at a vacant house or somewhere else that's easy to get to you?  Not smart.

There's definitely other ways to solve this.

You could have a call center or forward your phone to your assistant/office (someone who works for you).

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