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I'm a Keller Williams agent in the Houston area and I'm an investor friendly agent. I'd love to get acquainted as I'm also looking to get into buy fix and sells as well as owning rental properties within the next year. 

I look forward to connecting with investors as well as fellow Realtors/ Real Estate Agents. 

Welcome, I'm a beginner investor as well from Midland, TX and have been reading the Forums and listening to the podcast.  Good Luck


Welcome aboard :)

What makes an agent "investor friendly?"

I'm also in Houston. Would love to link up

@Jess Hewitt read Brandon Turner's awesome blog which will answer that question:


Most agents don't have any idea what an NOI is, how to calculate a cap rate, the difference between an A class or D class property, or any other myriad of issues we as investors face that an average homeowner does not. Most agents treat buyers with a vanilla approach, when having an investor as a client requires anything but. Having a realtor who is also an investor can make the entire process go much more smoothly.

My intention is not to hijack @Sayo Owoseni post - welcome and great to have another agent among the BP ranks. I believe there is enough business for all of us :) But really felt that question deserved an answer. 

Welcome Sharon, 

Would love to be a resource to you for finding some off market properties in the Houston area! Let me know if I can help.


Hello Everyone,

I am new to the business and looking for some information about the home investment. I found one of the company ( Investus Home Buyers ) bases in Houston and I want to know if this company has a good history to work with, thanks.

Originally posted by @Jess Hewitt :

What makes an agent "investor friendly?"

 I've wondered that myself.  When an investor asks for an 'investor friendly' agent, I just take that to assume an green agent who's willing to write lowball offer after offer in the hopes one sticks.

Or someone thinks there are 'investor friendly' agents that have tons of awesome off market pocket listings that they'll start giving them. 

When an agent offers that they're 'investor friendly' I just assume they're a new agent who wants to start building a buyers list even if it's full of tire kickers that just want 1000 low offers sent to non sellers. 

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