Recommendations for Online Pre-Licensing Course for Utah?

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I'm relocating up to Utah from Colorado and have decided to get my real estate license as both an educational endeavor and an investment in my career - it seems that everyone on the forums/podcasts that licensed has been glad they did. 

The online courses work the best for my schedule/location, so I've been looking at some of the different providers and is my top pick right now. But wanted to get some feedback from the community here - any reviews? Pros/cons for this school? General words of wisdom as I prep for the test, etc?

Would love to get an experienced perspective on this. Thanks!

I used Utah real estate school, and have no complaints. they also offered a test prep class for free, I believe they do it once a month. as far as test prep goes, I bought a book at the class and 1000 test questions, after completing the book and its tests, and the 1000 questions, I felt very confident.