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Hi everybody,

Just wanted to announce to my fellow agents that I have now joined the prestigious club of real estate agents. I decided to hang my license with Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Group in Nampa Idaho. They seem to have a good amount of training (not overwhelming) to help the novice get started.

Also, I realize I haven't posted to the forums in some time, so I figured I'd give a little update on what I've been up to in the last 6 months. I bought @Brandon Turner 's book, The Book on Real Estate Investing With No (and Low) Money Down, and I can honestly say it was the first book I read from cover to cover in one setting. Good stuff and great ideas to get one going. After that, I dubbed 2015 as "The Year of The Deal" because  I as determined to make my first investment deal in 2015. Further thought on the subject led me to re-evaluate my situation and thus decided to quit my job in a warehouse and get my real estate license to become involved in full time. With a career change dipping into the money I saved to get my first property, my "Year of The Deal" may need to be postponed until the commission checks start to flow. But now that real estate is my full time gig now, I plan on being more active on the forums. No excuses now :)

Matthew Foster Good luck! I was full time as an agent focusing on leases but now I'm strictly in sales and credit repair. I found that having a flexible career that compliments you being in real estate either as an agent/investor or both truly helps you to achieve your goals a lot quicker. Steady paycheck + flexibility + commissions = goals achieved (a little faster). Cheers to your success!

@Matthew Foster Hello from Boise and congratulations on the career change! Not sure if you know but we have a local REI group- The Boise Investor Group that meets monthly and our next meeting is this Thursday at 6:30pm in Meridian. We'd love to have you.

Thanks for introducing yourself, @Matthew Foster .  Yes - we'd love to meet you at the local BIG meetings.  Next one is Thursday night at 6:30 at TitleOne in Meridian.  Also - we have a BP style meet up coming right up on July 29th.  I will be able to announce the location this week.  I hope you enjoy being an agent in Idaho like I do!  

Congrats and Good Luck!

@Matthew Foster

Welcome to Bigger Pockets community. You will find all kinds of useful information under “Learn.”

Rock it, Matthew!

Matthew Foster , well done sir! I am currently pursuing a license in Tampa, FL. Keep us updated on how the career change goes. I am overdue for it.

@Matthew Foster congratulations on getting your license and welcome back to the forums.  Attending these local meetings is a blast and is an excellent way to learn and meet people in our market. I learn something new each time I attend and have been given some great advice. Geez, I would have liked to have found BiggerPockets sooner! 

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