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Hi everyone,

My name is Andrew. I am a broker working out of Chicago. I have a client who is an investor and he loves this site and suggested I check it out. I just wanted to introduce myself. I have been working full-time in real estate for about a year now and have learned so much by dealing with investors. My client and I are closing our 5th deal together this month, after working together for about 7 months. I just wanted to say hi and let anyone in need of some real estate agent advice know I am available. I don't want to get salesy as I know a lot of people are a little standoffish of agents. And that is definitely not my style.

I am also trying to get my feet wet on the investing side of things. Just not as sure where to get started with it. I like the idea of having a rental. But my client is flipping homes and I like that side, too. So any advice on that topic would be greatly appreciated.

Anyways, just wanted to say hello. 


Hi Andrew,

Welcome to the forum, I am new here myself.  But have met  some people mostly in my area right away. I work in a area related to real estate but run across deals on a fairly regular basis. 

Welcome @Andrew Scheibe ! I am a new investor living in Chicago. Actually, I have my first meeting with a realtor, ever, in an hour! Glad to see a new friendly face from Chicago!

All the best!

Originally posted by @Bhairavi Patel :

Welcome @Andrew Scheibe! I am a new investor living in Chicago. Actually, I have my first meeting with a realtor, ever, in an hour! Glad to see a new friendly face from Chicago!

All the best!

Good luck today with your meeting! 

Great to see a new face from Chicago Andrew!

Take advantage of this incredible resource. 

Best of success!

Welcome Andrew!  I am in Chicago (and Oak Park), too.  The Chicago area can be a very good place to operate in!

@Andrew Scheibe

Welcome to Bigger Pockets. BP is full of resources. You will find resources here from blogs to pod casts and forums. You can also send messages to members which is my favorite part of the website.

@Jeff Valentino my office is based in Chicago, but I go where the clients need. I have sold homes from Mundelein to Frankfurt. The western burbs are kind of my specialty. In the city Logan Square, Ukranian Village, West Town are my go to places.

Welcome @Andrew 

@Andrew Scheibe .... I do suggest you start specializing on one key area rather than chasing all over the Chicago area. Become the go to expert in a few zip codes rather than all over the area. Frankfort to Logan Square? You will lose time travelling and that is money.

Good luck to you. 

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Welcome Andrew. This is a really good forum.

@Andrew Scheibe Welcome to BP!  It's really a great place to network and learn.  How far into the western burbs do you like to travel?  It's always good to know an agent that understands what investors are looking at & for.

Hi Andrew.  I am a newbie myself from the Chicagoland area. Welcome aboard.

@Andrew Scheibe

Welcome to BP! Great to know of another broker in the city who is investor friendly! Hopefully, one day we can do a deal together!

Welcome @Andrew Scheibe! This site is an amazing place to learn and network.  I am a real estate investor in the western suburbs of Chicago and am currently looking to find a 2nd rental property (or tremendous deal on a flip).  Hopefully we cross paths! Good luck and welcome once again!!

Welcome to BP @Andrew Scheibe

This is a great place to learn what investors are looking for and need from an agent.

Welcome to the BP family Andrew.

I've found that many wonderful contacts can be made by simply participating in the forums. Even as a newcomer, you can find many ways to contribute and make valuable connections.

Good luck and welcome!

Welcome to BP!

In addition to what everyone says, you can:

1) listen to the podcasts - specially mine at

And talking about rental properties, a good podcast to listen to is by @Brie Schmidt and another one is by @Mark Ainley

2) network like crazy here on BP. Make it a point to connect with 5-10 people every day (online and offline). The most successful real estate investors I know are master at connecting and they have a HUGE network

3) learn from what others do (read the Success forums as well as Deal Diaries). I have a "real estate reality show on the forums" as I update BP Nation what I do in my real estate business every single week. Here's the link:

Welcome to BP. Good luck with your investing. This is a great place to be. 

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