Seeking Agent in Dundalk MD

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Hello all!

I'm looking to acquire my first investment property and I am in need of a good real estate agent who is familiar with the Dundalk Maryland market. I'll be flipping houses so I'm in need of someone to help find, buy and sell the properties. Preferably someone who has investing knowledge/experience, specifically foreclosures. Any recommendations would be appreciated!


Carrie Vaught with Keller Williams is awesome.  Not sure if she has worked with investors but she has helped me with a few deals including my primary residence. (410) 353-4107

@Russell Brazil there are definitely deals out there that will work for flips in my area. Maybe not agent or owner listings, but lots of foreclosures, short sales, etc. Having an agent on my team brings lots of benefits other than just looking out for properties on the MLS. Fortunately, my day job is in marketing for a creative digital agency, so I've got that covered ;)

Thanks for the feedback everyone!