Expired Listings... (how do you find the phone numbers?)

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Good Day BP community!

Okay so here's my scoop. I received my BA last year and went straight into studying for Real Estate. I passed the test in March, chose my brokerage a month later, and here I am now four months later with only 1 closed deal under my belt.

I want to start focusing my time on farming and expired listings now that I finally have capital to invest in flyers and call services. So my question to you is:


I have done my research and want to invest in Vulcan 7 and Mojo autodialer. Can anyone please give me their opinion in these products, and if they have a for-sure method that has been working for them to see more immediate results from expired listings?

Thanks for your opinion everyone.


Arthur Forrest II

I'm following this thread as I am also interested in knowing. One thing my broker cautioned me about, was to double check that their numbers are not on the National Do-Not-Call List.

Laws vary from state to state, but in CO where I am licensed, I just took the ethics class for NAR and they caution against contacting the seller of an expired listing. I am located very near the mountains, and every year when the snow falls, a certain mountain city pulls all their listings. Those listings are immediately pounced on by agents from a different part of the state. Just because a listing is expired DOES NOT MEAN the contract between seller and agent is expired.

@Avi Cohen gives great advice to make sure the person is not on the Do No Call List, but also make sure the contract has not expired, or you could be accused of crossing a sign.

Our MLS has easy access to public records. From there, I used to look them up on Whitepages.com.

If you're worried about the DNC list, then good luck.  Most people are on it.  That's also where a direct mail campaign comes into play.

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