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I am getting read to take the Final Exam for the Georgia Real Estate License test, has anyone taken it before? Any types, is it tricky or pretty straight forward? Are the questions similar to the study guide?

Hi @Teri Waldrop

Good Luck on your Real Estate test. Some questions are tricky others are pretty straight forward. If your foundation and concepts are clear you should not have any issues with the test. Just take your time to read the questions carefully. You will have plenty of time to complete the test so don't rush. Questions were different from the study guide. 

Anyways Good Luck! 

Hey Teri,

I also took my course for my Florida license via Real Estate Express and if you follow the course and review what they say will be on the exam (we have a sheet for the Florida exam which talked about the most common topics on the exam based on % of questions) you will do just fine :)

Good Luck and all the best for your new career 

Hey @Emanuele Pani !I am looking to take my real estate course. You did yours online? I'm also located in South Florida. How was the test? Do you still have all your study materials? I found real estate express for $99. Is it worth it to do real estate express for such a low price or should I do Gold Coast?  What were your thoughts on the school. is the school I am speaking of. Please let me know your thoughts.

Hi Samantha Cunha - I know you didn't ask for my advice, but I feel like I can help you. I just recently got licensed in Florida after taking my course online with real estate express. I felt that the course was very poorly organized. After passing the course, I didn't feel ready to take the exam, so I purchased a different text book (Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices & Law) and read that. After completing the book, I felt completely ready, and passed the exam with ease.

For what it's worth, the online class was cheap and easy. I just felt that it didn't prepare me for the exam like the book did. Your experience may vary. :)

Check out YouTube for the math equations. search Tony Mesa (fla school) he has some free videos that work out the math problems. Tax rates will be different for Georgia but he has some great memory aides that helped me. I only had a few questions on the state exam that where math related and I had already been told by my instructor to focus on the law and principles as they make up 90% of the test. Good luck!

Hey @Nicole Oppermann and @Samantha Cunha ... sorry for the super late reply I was away traveling and did not see this. The best part of real estate express for me was the flexibility of being able to study whenever I had time, the material itself in my opinion was pretty well presented and I did not have a hard time following along at all, the only thing I did to be sure I was ready for the exam was to purchase sample tests and take a couple test runs which made me feel pretty confident and I did pass the exam on the first try. I think a lot has to do also with how you both like to learn, I spent a lot of time growing up traveling for sports so I got used to working online at a young age and I did not miss the classroom interaction and anytime I did have an issue I just emailed them and someone would get back to me pretty quickly. Let me know if you have any more questions and sorry again for the late response :)