Marketing my listing for an Investor

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BP community, I am Co-listing a property in Long Beach Ca, it is a flip that was recently completed by an investor friend.  I wanted to do some additional marketing to possibly bring in a buyer for him.  Does anyone have a suggestion that might be an effective marketing strategy to get the word out and possibly bring a buyer.  Something like flyer the neighborhood, and possibly offer a referral fee, or flyer or mail to renters in surrounding area. Please let me know your thoughts and what you would do specifically.

Sending out the 'Just Listed' flyers or postcards is definitely a good idea. Stage the home and have professional photos taken to put in the MLS; make sure the listing is appearing on all the major sites (Zillow etc) where potential buyers usually start their home search. Open house the first weekend that it's listed. Have a broker open house and see what the feedback is. Get a pre-listing inspection and attach copies of it along with the property flyers you have on display in the home. Offer some seller paid closing costs with an acceptable offer. Make sure the place smells good. I could go on & on but I think most importantly make sure that the property is priced right.

@michaeljobe  thanks Michael, good stuff. 

Pricing is key, the right price will bring in tons of potential buyers to want to look at it.

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