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What are the best ways to use a real estate license for a weekly/bi-weekly paycheck?

I am just considering other real estate jobs to provide 'guaranteed' income with a license.

BPOs-but do not expect to be paid in a timely manner from some companies.

That's a pretty wide open question - probably why you have a limited respose. Any avenue you pursue will take time so if you're looking for a quick dollar, it's pretty tough to come by in this market unfortunately.

Some ideas:

Go to work for a builder, either full- or part-time. If you go part-time, you can work 2-3 days a week when the sales reps have their days off and as a licensee you would be able to show/sell homes instead of just handing out brochures. (Actually, depending on state law, this last might apply only to open houses.)

Specialize in rental properties. Contact property managers, agents with properties listed for rent, and apartment locators. The commissions for rentals are not very high enough for busy agents, so they could refer prospective tenants for you to qualify and show properties to. That's how I started out--the property management company put my phone number in their ads.

Finally, you could work as a buyer's agent or virtual assistant to one or more agents.

Good luck--hope this helps!

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