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has any agent out had any problems using as a first time agent?

Never heard of this site before. What is it all about?

They help you market to buyers in your area for a fee. Pretty affordable I would say I just want to make sure I'm not spending money for no reasons that's all. Jerry would you say it would be money well spent for a new agent? 


There are many sites that help you find buyers. I know I get cold calls from them all the time.

I cannot specifically speak to this site but I can say advertising is KEY in this business. Especially starting out. After awhile your existing clients refer you to new clients. At the beginning advertsing is what will drive everything.

@Christopher Oliver

 what are you planning to use placester for? I use them for my agent website, but haven't tried any of their marketing. I would recommend them as a website with IDX. Easy to set up, looks good and it's pretty cheap.

well at the moment I'm just using them for the agent site but i'm considering using them for their marketing. They talk about doing all the marketing work for you via SEO which i have no idea about. All i know is they state they can get me buyer leads with strategies they use and they get them to the site from their once the person puts their info on your site all i do is follow up with them

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