Resources - California - Agents and Brokers Legal Concepts

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Originally posted by @Brian Gibbons :

@Bill Gulley 

Perhaps you can look at the links above?



 You know I'm not going to spend hours going through all that.......but, I just took a shot.

Look at #10, agency. Top of page 149........what have I been saying that can't get through some heads? LOL

Now, some have said a net listing can be done in CA, with additional disclosures, but they still have to contend with restrictions as a Special Agent in self it appears....LOL

And here, all along, most thought James Bond was the only Special Agent!  :)

@Brian Gibbons

Thanks for posting this and @Bill Gulley thanks to both of you for your comments on the other thread about that subject that won't go away.  I appreciate the positive attitude here on BP and the willingness of veterans to help out upstarts such as myself.  However I decide to get started in this I do know I want to do it right and to do it ethically.

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