Opinion/Feedback of Realty Juggler

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Hello all, I'm always learning ways to be more efficient in my real estate business and in doing so, I came across a company called Realty Juggler.  Has anyone in the BP community used this company and what was your experience with their software?  Thank you in advance.

My market center is currently recommending that we use it, which is interesting as we are provided a CRM through the company.  It's cheap and the agents say it does what they need and isn't too fancy.  It isn't as fancy as Top Producer.

@JOAN DICKIE Interesting that you say that because my Team Lead at my market center recommended that we use it as well.  Thank you for your feedback.

@Deshan Kennedy , it makes you wonder what's going on that the company isn't telling us.  Or maybe it's just the sale of Market Leader.

My one buddy uses RealtyJuggler and he likes it.  I've never heard him say anything bad about it.

I've never used it, so I'm not much help, but I did just check out their website.  Looks like they have a free 90 day trial, and they don't ask for a CC.  Why not just try it out?  I'm sure after the first day you'll know whether it's for you or not.

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