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I'm about to register for the 75hr pre-license course offered by Weichert here in New Jersey. I have the option of going to Wayne or Hoboken, checking to see if anyone has any notes on either location, or on the course itself. I couldn't find too much info about it online...

Also, any tips for someone who wants to be an agent/investor to find a local sponsor to get licensed? Thanks in advance! - Brian

Hi Brian, I am about to post an in-depth review of the pre-licensing course I just took in Princeton.  The course material should be the same, although I would say it definitely matters who your instructor is.

The book you'll get is called "Principles and Practices of New Jersey Real Estate" by Frank W. Kovats.  It has a LOT of good info in it, I must admit.  I learned a lot by taking the course and reading this book and would recommend it to any (new) investor -- even if they don't want their license, just for the education.

I'd be happy to answer any specific questions you may have, if I can.

Best of luck to you

Hey @Brian Spatz ,

I'd definitely recommend Wayne. Parking in Hoboken is rough. There are garages very close to the Weichert Office, but if you're going to be making that trip 30-40 times for class it will probably add up quickly.

As far as finding a broker - I'd recommend making a list of what's important to you, and then grading them by that list. Inman has a great article titled "how to choose your first real estate brokerage" that might be helpful too. If you're planning on investing it's probably a good idea to ask them what the commission split looks like when it's your own personal deal/property vs. the when you're working for a client.

 I'm a licensed broker in NJ, so eel free to reach out with any questions as you go through the process, I'll help where I can.