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Ive just started in my flipping business and and frustrated by the lack of control without access to MLS directly. I'm working with an agent but he does not seem super motivated to help me grow my business. I am thinking of getting my license to gain more control and maximize my revenue. If my focus is investment should I gravitate toward a specific broker? What should I be looking for in a broker to maximize my success?

@Account Closed

Welcome to the site. I would look towards a broker who invests themselves. By getting involved with someone already in that line of business you will get to network with a lot of people you otherwise would not have.

I agree with @James Wise .

The question is where to find such a broker. Here are some ideas.

  • Network within the Bigger Pockets community in your area.
  • Visit/join your local REIA or real estate group. There are bound to be real estate agents and brokers attending these meeting who are investors. More than likely real estate investors are part of their business.
  • Look for the agents and brokers who teach real estate investing at your local community college or local real estate school.

Good luck!

If you have an agent who doesn't want to help you grow your business than I have one word for you....


Agents are a dime a dozen (trust me I am one) and you can easily find someone who cares about you and realizes that a good investor is like having 5 clients/year if not more.

Make sure your agent is proactive and will help you find off market stuff as well as MLS. Things you can talk about together are- sharing costs for DM advertising and signs etc. Door knocking and which areas you want to be door knocked.

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