Real estate licensure courses?

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Hi Tom,

I searched for good online real estate courses for Ohio but was unable to find any. I ended up enrolling at the certification program at a local community college! 15 weeks of courses Monday-Wednesday nights, from 6-8.

I figured it would be better to sign up for an in-person class to minimize my chance of procrastinating or just looking up answers for tests :) 

I used Duane Gomer, they're located here in SoCal but I did everything online and through regular mail.  They were great, but then again I have nothing to compare it to.  

Good luck! 

Seems like @Brett Synicky answered about a potential choice in online courses.

So long as you don't mind paying the annual fees, there is value in getting a realtor license. E.g. in hot areas - getting access to deals is one of the major factors. You have access to MLS (multiple listing services), you can introduce yourself as "part of the cult" to other agents etc etc.

Ohio isn't a state that allows online classes to test for state licensure. It requires actual class room time. To the point that you have to sign in on sheets of paper at random times of day.  Continuing ed can be done online in Ohio but that's it. Good luck!  

I used Kaplan, very good course passed everything easily.  Speaking as someone who was an investor turned Agent I don't think it would be beneficial for you to have it unless you are going to pursue it long term.  Just my opinion though!