Advertising In South Florida? What works for you?

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I'm new agent, would like some input as to what works for you in terms of advertising. Thanks ! 

Talking to people

Thank you

Your SOI, online marketing (your website, Zillow/Trulia,, etc), open houses, direct mail with a very specific criteria, local networking groups, phone/desk duty at your office. Each person is different and everything isn't going to work for you so try a little bit of everything and determine what Is the best fit for you.

Well, all advertising can work, but most agents don't know how to make it work.

If you do "branding" type advertising you're going to be out of business real fast.  The top agents who have been "branding" for 30 years can get away with it, but you can't.

So, like I recommend to everyone, pick an area to farm and send out postcards. Don't offer the "Call me for a free CMA" or "Call me to sell your house." You won't get any calls.

Offer something of value... Offer a Home Seller's Guide as a lead generation magnet.  I know there's some people on here who think I'm crazy, and they're right, but it does work!  It will bring you leads.  Then, you just have to play the follow up game and wait it out.  But, it'll get you the leads!

Also, since you're new, start doing open houses.  What's that?  YOu don't have any listings?  Well, ask agents in your office if you can hold their listings open.  They'll be more than happy to let you do it.  Sure, you don't want a business of nothing but buyers, since money is in the listings, but you could get listings from the buyers if you know how to work it.  I never liked open houses, but I know a few agents who make a killing form it.

Also, send direct mail to expired listings.  They're a gold mine.  If you don't have any money to do direct mail, then call them up.

I'm curious if agents are able to get as much value from AdWords as investors can.   Google search is the place to find people looking for a real estate pro...

Originally posted by @Konstantin Egorov :

I'm new agent, would like some input as to what works for you in terms of advertising. Thanks ! 

 I have to go with @Devon Garbus on this one. Hands down South Florida is super intense. Tal

Opps auto posted without finishing typing. Anyways, talk to people. Talk to people. Talk to people. Failure rate for agents is through the roof down here. The only ones that survive are master networkers. Skin like a Rhino and are walking talking real estate stats, know must contracts upside down and are a textbook when it comes to inspections, permits, building codes, farming, etc! All the best

Thanks guys lots of help! 

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