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hello to all in the bp community, 

I am going after my real estate license in Georgia I'd there any advice or any pro's and cons why I should or shouldn't get the RE license? 

To your success 

That all depends on what you want to get a real estate license for.

@David Tapia , I can't really see any cons to getting a real estate license. It will make you more knowledgeable when it comes to investing and if you were interested, you could also do the real estate agent thing. Even just representing family and friends every so often in transactions would be a nice little side bonus and not require too much time. Also, if you are licensed you can get access to your local area MLS which is can be a big resource for potential deals and market analysis.

hi David, a better education is always a good thing. There's no real downside to  being extra qualified. Worst you can use your licens for your own investment advantage and at best you're helping other people. 

After being licenced for three years the best advice I can offer is this business is very competitive and it's easy to loose yourself in the rat race.  Find a specialty that fits in your passion and stay true to that.

Congratulations and best of luck!!!

I am considering going after my license also. For someone that is new to the REI game i do not see why this would hurt in anyway. It allows for you to learn more about the field and everything else that is typically involved in a transaction. Also brings in money if you decide to put it to use.

Only con I see if the fees to maintain for license. Insurance, yearly renewal fees etc. 

Getting your license is a huge plus in my opinion. I couldn't imagine life without instant MLS access to jump on new deals and easily analyze properties. Even if you have no interest in working with buyers or sellers you can always refer any that come across your lap to other Realtors in your area that are full-time Realtors and probably cover your annual fees and expenses to hold your license just with referrals. This of course may depend if your referring $30,000 houses or $300,000 houses but still....

Hi, I am looking to obtain a license as well in GA. 

There are many schools that offers pre-license class, online or in class.

Is there any advantage of taking an in-class vs online? Thanks.

@Ken Chen I'm take the online pre license , Georgia MLS seems to have a good course.

Online benefits me because of the lack of down time I have 

@Ken Chen , when I took the class, I did in class. I enjoyed it because you could have discussions with the teacher and hear different questions from your classmates. I took the post license course online and regretted it. It took me longer to complete and I missed the personal interactions. 

I believe it all depends on your goals and how you intend on using it. If you only plan to buy one or two properties a year with it, probably not worth it. If you want to be an agent helping other investors, then yes you absolutely want it. I usually don't recommend people getting who are doing fewer than 4 transactions a year simply because of the time, effort, and money it takes to get the license. Plus professionals who do this a lot are have the right tool and systems in place to help you and they are going to be able to write you a bulletproof contract and negotiation hard for you, which in the long run, could save you more money than had you licensed yourself.

Thanks for the great advice!

I just finished taking an online course through GIRE(Georgia Institute of Real Estate,, online is very nice, but I would definitely not recommend the course provider that I used. 

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